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Osteopathy and Physiotherapy in Marbella offering home visits and clinic treatments.

Welcome to Osteofisio Marbella

Our main objective is to help you to raise your health and wellbeing levels, in search of the highest possible quality of life. The possibility of combining the benefits of osteopathy, physiotherapy and health-oriented physical activity allows me to run rehabilitation processes from start to finish in every injury or discomfort, integrating all body systems in search of wellness through movement.


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You are one session osteopathy away from feeling better!
Don’t miss out on this effective and exclusively manual therapy focused on treating the cause of pain or dysfunction.

I will guide your rehabilitation from the onset of symptoms to complete well-being in daily activities and return to sports.

Find the relaxation and well-being you are looking for in a relaxing or sports massage session. Make an appointment!

Home Visits

Offering the comfort of being attended to in your own home. I have all the materials to provide a top quality service without moving from your home.
Get in touch and we will arrenge an appointment soon.

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Treatments by appointment.


Av. Juan Vargas, Edificio Los Almendros II, Local 5. San Pedro Alcántara.

“If exercise could be packed into a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation”. 

Robert N. Butler

tratar un síntoma solo aporta beneficios parciales y poco duraderos

The classic approach of today’s medicine based on treating each symptom in isolation only achieves temporary improvements.

solo se resuelve una lesión, patología o disfunción tratando su causa

Only the treatment of the cause of the pain or dysfunction can achieve its final resolution.

Sometimes the body’s ability to heal itself is impaired. It is only necessary to put this mechanism into operation. 

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