Duathlon European Championships 2020 Punta Umbría

In early march Duathlon European Championships took place in Punta Umbria, Huelva.

There, our friend and patient Ismael Rojas has excelled achieving a 6th place in his category 25 to 29 years. Congratulations Ismael!! for your great achievement that for sure will be one among many more to come.

Since a few months, from Osteofisio Marbella we have been working together to collaborate with this great triathlete by evaluating the presence of risk factors specific to triathlon and treating them whenever necessary. We are also working the week before the competition so that he arrives at the time of the event in the best possible physical conditions.

Duathlon European Championships 2020.

As I always say: happy to work with athletes and patients like Ismael. Not only because of his performance level, but also because of his dedication to excel every day and because of his quality as a person. Let’s go for more!

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